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In 1928, at a Hafiz Burhan concert in Kadikoy, she came across composer Selahattin Pinar. Afife Jale recognised that moment. The light she saw on stage at the first play she went to, she saw on Selahattin Pinar’s face. Her headache left its place to a heartbeat, and Afife Jale left herself into Selahattin Pinar’s arms... with this man she fell in love with at first sight, she got married the year after. During long walks he was asking Afife about the stars. As Afife talked about the stars, Mr Selahattin was hearing the composes of his poems while looking up to the bright sky. He deemed the stars as notes. He was converting the eternal lightening dots in the pitch-black velvet sky into ink stains on snow-white papers, and the first night they met he was whispering in her ear in tune Hejaz maqam (Arabic music tune):


“I came across you on a spring night

You were in a pleasant rush

When looking deep into your eyes

Why did you hang your head?


A familiar desire risen in me

Told me this is what you've been searching for years

Now asking hanging my head

Where have you been?”


However; as the years went by in her marriage, her insidious disease emerged once again. Even the attention of her husband wasn't enough for her unbearable severe headaches. She looked for a remedy by taking the morphine once again. Mr Selahattin tried very hard to prevent his wife from taking the morphine. He was able to succeed during the times he was with her.


However, on long term travels or tours, neither composes in Hijaz maqam nor stars were of any help to her unbearable migraine. Mr Selahattin’s lyrics were turning from hope maqam into melancholy. When Afife Jale saw her stars falling, she offered a divorce to her beloved husband to prevent hurting him any further. These two guardians of art, trying to add the love of art value into life, withstanding their families under those circumstances, got divorced. Afife Jale would go back to her first and only love, the theatre; Mr Selahattin would continue composing his heart wrenching melodies.


Circumstances did not evolve as planned for neither Afife Jale or Mr Selahattin.


Things went from bad to worse from that day forward for Afife Jale. Her 5-year marriage and much loved theatre came to an end due to her disease.

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