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canbay & walker


this is our confrontation;

from bağcılar to the world.

09.2020 I #4


N: Are you taking action towards the needs of the society with the music you create? Many artists are interested in societal necessities. Like society’s approach to women, inequality in education, unfairness in income...  Are the actions that you have taken for the needs of individuals or society? 

C&W: We actually would like to give voice to the incidents that we’ve witnessed, lived. There are pains that we’ve suffered, people that we’ve lost. There are millions of people who have lost their loved ones. We believe this is a shared problem. As much as things we’ve lived seem personal, as we are a part of a society they include all in general. And we prefer to incline towards societal incidents. Like violence against women, child abuse, substance addiction.

N: In the songs you create you explain what’s happening. Not what should happen or how it will happen. For those who follow you, who listen to you, would you like to be a guide for this cause? Would you like to show them clearer goals? 

C&W: As we couldn’t see many positive things, we try to explain what has happened in a simple way. Our plan going forward is to explain what should happen and how it should happen.

N: They refer to you as “from Bağcılar”. Why do they criticise the music you make and don’t think you deserve to be where you are? 

C&W: Is geography a destiny? If so, can a person from Bağcılar not live abroad? What is this preconception? We made a song. That kids from Bağcılar can wear brands, get into luxury cars. Can Bağcılar guys not wear luxury brands? People judge one another so easily. Are those who come from the streets bound to suffering? Can’t we get into cars? We work so hard and they say to us “why are you driving?”. What shall we do? Shall we run? On the one hand, we try to demonstrate that we can live a comfortable life if we want to but we are being criticized. Actually these brands are somewhat a message that we send. There is a subliminal message that actually we can do these things however it’s not what we are. As people from Bağcılar, we are always seen to be of lower class and as uncultured people. People don’t try to understand what we are trying to explain. They stick to the strange details. Even if we could get into a luxurious car, we prefer not to unless our brothers are able to as well. And if we are to get into it, we’d do it altogether. That’s how we grew up.

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“people judge one another so easily.”

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