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N: You’re saying Bağcılar to the world but at the same time in your interviews and in your lyrics it seems to me like a contradiction that you’re saying you don’t want to leave Bağcılar. Why? 

C&W: We spent our childhood there, we have a memory at every corner of it so we can’t detach from there yet. After every concert we say if only we could go back to the neighbourhood.


N: If you could expand your territory, would your horizon also expand? 

C&W: We have that thought of “if we leave Bagcilar, would we not be able to talk about Bagcilar?”. We know every single inch of our neighbourhood and we are able to explain that culture by living there. There’s still a neighbourhood culture there. There’s no discrimination. Maybe we can leave when it is time; however, we don’t want to forget about our core. And we also have responsibilities here. We have a formation called “the transition”.


“people from Bagcilar are loyal.”

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