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N: Transition means changing from one condition to another, to an understanding, to a concept. What does “the transition” mean to you?

C&W: The meaning of transition is becoming involved from one place to another. We had a slogan. “From the street to world.” That’s why we named it “the transition”. There are conservatoire students living in Bagcilar who are not financially stable. We help them. We have no financial expectation. Our only desire is their loyalty. Because that’s how we are. People from Bagcilar are loyal. We’d like to expand this occurance to the world. The range of “the transition” is wide. There are doctor candidates who are musicians. We steer them to music. We take those who we believe are talented to our studio in Bagcilar and do their entire production. If we realise that they don’t have talent in music but in football, then we steer them to football. We have a wide range. We use our connections towards their talent.


N: How do you plan on ensuring the contiunity of “the transition”?

C&W: As we are all together all the time, it is easier to follow them up. When they see that things are falling into place in their lives, when they start believing in succeeding they naturally tend to want to stay away from bad habits. We try to make them self-aware. Actually if everyone could take some responsibility, artists could help people in that sense, it would be amazing.

“we’d like to give voice to the incidents that we’ve witnessed, lived.”

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