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I’ve seen that action heals me.

N: Your name is Dicle. A river exceeding the limit. You both dance and walk. You are always in action.

D: I’m 32 years old. I’ve seen that action heals me. Walking is my safe place and I need it to do it. When I stand still, I go crazy. When I sit or stay home all the time, I think that I need to walk. I try to rasp these, for instance.

N: Does this feel like a tabu to you? Is this a try to get rid of the tabu and move towards the place you “prefer”?

D: Like I always say, I’d like my life to balanced. That’s why, I think I also need to learn to stop. When I stop and am unable to handle the mind, and handle it when I walk, I feel as though I’m in a dangerous place trying to handle the process. When I stop I must be in the same freedom consciously.

"I desire getting out of feeling the pleasure in life, to living as much as the basic needs."

N: How does your trying to develop and get to know yourself gain a favour for you?

D: I learn to be a simple and ordinary person actually. We are very complicated beings. I desire getting out of feeling the pleasure in life, to living as much as the basic needs.

N: What kind of favour would you like to do humanity?

D: First I want to be everything. That’s why I’d like to experience a lot. After experiencing them, I’d like to be a “null”. At the end of the day, I want not to have a trace as much as an animal. Reaching the nullity... I don’t even want it to be said that a Dicle went by this world.

Ideas are like the weather forecast to me, they can change everyday, that’s why instead of arguing with each other over our ideas, being a new “me” constantly with the tags, I rather be with people where we can be accepted in every state of ours. If I could do any favour humanity, I hope I could try to create a society consciousness that’s less consuming and less judgemental.

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