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N: What’s the mightiest qualification of Turkish people or those who feel Turkish?

D: Our acting in unity and our food culture.

N: What do your ears hear as a person that’s walking alone?

D: In our country, being alone is considered as insane and odd. Why do you do it alone? What kind of unhappiness do you have that it makes you alone? Aren’t you scared alone? Questions keep coming about being alone all the time. As if it is something that isn’t supposed to happen. That’s why, while I walk in Turkey, “girl, are you crazy, gone nuts and you walk alone? What if something happens to you? In the end, you never hear something positive.

N: If you went into the houses of these people, your situation would influence them... eat their food, maybe you are going to give their lives an amazing gift. Why does it disturb you this much? I don’t think walking only serves you. Can’t all of these things that you hear be because they “care about you”? This idea is so precious to me. Even though this disturbs you, you come across tremendous people, people who make you confront different truths. We are all of us. We need to remember us.

D: I think about if my situation influenced them... I don’t consider myself as such dominant character. I’m the side who collects the energy... If you ask me “what should your biggest specialty in this life be?”, I’d like for it to be invisibility. Because I’m a person who doesn’t even really want to exist, I’ve never even consider that kind of domination.

"In our country, being alone is considered as insane and odd"

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