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N: We see a lot of Anatolia's effects in what you do. How was this information passed on to your generation? What kind of connection do you feel that the colours you use while painting Ahmet's painting are the colours worn by Aunt Fatma in Kırşehir.

F: I got acquainted with weaving while studying fashion. After seeing Anatolia, I understood what the speciality of weaving meant to me, and these lands have always been what feeds me. Today I am weaving those eyes and this meaning. I'm telling you again. Instead of modernize the old with neon colors, I match the emotion of the people there with that of today. I want us all to remember again how precious it is to make an eye to eye agreement in my weavings.

"this is the land where people grow as they share."

N: What is the information in Anatolia? What is it in this land, Fırat?

F: There is tolerance. For many years, I will not be able to learn anywhere else if I were to travel around, the piece of information that I learned while chatting with a grandmother in Çankırı. Because the woman used to weave rugs when she goes somewhere as a bride. If she is happy, she weaves the tree of life. "I came for plentifulness and abundance," she says. If she doesn’t get along with her mother-in-law, she weaves a thorn. She says; “I am unhappy in this house. This place prickles me ”. It is such a beautiful language that the mother-in-law reads it too, while the woman does it, and the neighbour reads too. Everyone knows, but a non-verbal language is spoken. Nobody does anything to anyone just because she weaved it. Today has other symbols. Today has another language. Our ancestors knew what was and wasn’t good for us. They say, "throw bread to someone who throws a stone at you." We forgot and became bad actually. On the one hand, there has always been a war for the beauty of this geography, poverty has receded, but great beings have emerged in that absence. In a village in Çankırı, a grandfather wears a jacket, his jacket does not have a button, instead of a button, grandmother has drilled two holes and tied a pair of drawstrings, saying, "There is poverty, my son." Look at the beauty, she found the solution. Or the arm is wearing out because of rubbing in the armpit, she puts a triangular piece there. She patches it and calls it a "bird". When she opens her arm, she looks like a bird and prevents her from sweating. What great wealth absence is. Actually, Anatolia is the great wealth in that absence.

N: What does "curiosity" mean to you?

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