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"schools should be places where thoughts and ideas are discussed."

N: You are also a teacher. Do you think we have a qualified education system?

F: Unfortunately, I cannot say that we do. We can now access all kinds of information on the internet. Universities have returned to ancient Greece. Schools should be places where thoughts and ideas are discussed. With Newton physics, we learned that we miscalculated the earth's speed, its motion. Which continuity of truth can I speak of when the basic knowledge of the world has changed? When I ask a question to college kids, they look at me blankly because they came here after choosing one of the five options and no one asked them their opinions. They are very used to the prepared and cannot plan for the future. So when I ask a question to my student, he keeps his silence either to avoid being ridiculed by his friends or because he has no idea about the subject. In the past I experienced unpleasant incidents at the school where I taught. They always said that what I was doing was bad and that I could not get anywhere. At the end of 10 years, I decided to resign. I weaved my professors, whose legs are visible under the toilet door, saying, "Since I am making art, I will say a word to them and leave." Their underwear, pants, skirts… I said; “You’ll recognize yourself from here. You’ll recognize each other from what you wear. You satisfy yourself through the students ”. I was offended by them and turned my back. I opened my exhibition titled “Mental Hospital” by doing my work called “Peeing Fırat”. I left my letter of resignation along with the exhibition invitation at the head of the department. That exhibition went to Istanbul and from there to London. My next work was exhibited in Dubai. Suddenly I got into World Contemporary Art. The value I gave to myself saved me. They kept saying, "Otherwise, you cannot do this either, this is not weaving."

N: All these things have served you. Perhaps these works would not have come out if they had confirmed your actions.

F: My whole life would pass in a school and eventually I would retire. I'm breathing now. When I found out that I had cancer, when the doctor told me "Everything is over, there is nothing to do" and I was told that I should give up my life, all the locks were unlocked. I placed this inside me: "I no longer have an infinite connection with anything, everything can change and transform, I am very comfortable. " See I’m excellent.

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