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"when the limits are clear, we have to find the infinity field within it."

N: Do borders help us improve?

F: Of course. Because we get the point leading to the goal as soon as possible. Otherwise it could take us a long time to find this because there are endless options. I think the limit in oneself is very important. If I tell my students; "Let's design something and you're free." We all fail to do anything. When the boundaries are clear, it is necessary to find the infinity field within it. There is still eternity in the smallest building block in the world.

"the less garbage i produce, the happier i am."

N: You say "My concern is with people and myself." What will your next confrontation be?

F: Women working in agriculture in the surrounding villages of the new airport could not do agriculture when the airport arrived. I taught them weaving and we bought looms for their village. For the six thousand airport personnel whose clothes change each year, we recycled the garments from the strings. After the women weave those ropes, a sales office will be opened in international lines and their clothes will be sold. We are in such a transformation. Because every design interferes with the world. Whatever I do, at the end of the day, it's a waste. Now, with Şile Municipality, we obtain fabrics that are dyed using herbal paint produced entirely in that area. Natural paint is poisoning the water, rusty metals are thrown into the paint to fix the colours. What we need to do is herbal paint. Using the leaves and roots of the plant. Very bright colours do not come out, but when mixed with water, it does not pollute the water. Thus, we do less damage to the world. I pay attention to this in everything I do. We weave recycled fabrics and cut them for clothing. We also make paper with the scraps of the cut fabric pieces. And we are using that paper to make the products packaging. Within the scope of another project, we built a skateboard track and a basketball court from the waste of sports shoes. The less garbage I produce, the happier I am.

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