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N: How do you make the Şile cloth?

F: Şile cloth is the only geographically marked, well-known Turkish fabric. It is a very important fabric that needs to be protected. We buy the cotton grown in our country, and we twist these cottons both by machine and by hand and turn them into yarn. We light a wood fire by the beach and boil the salt water that we get from sea. We throw the twisted threads into the boiling cauldron. We pour flour on it according to measure and mix it. There is no such fabric which is made like this in the world other than Şile cloth. Flour makes the yarn stronger due to its binding feature. Then the ropes are stretched and woven into the loom. It is then washed in sea water and the flours melt in sea water. They are dried on the beaches of Şile. It is a very healthy fabric that is suitable for the skin, gives us comfort, and pulls our sweat out. It's about the sand of the sea in Şile. It doesn't happen in another sea.

N: Well, can I ask you, while you are tying the ropes together in your first work that you will do from now on, can you intend to "tear these knots with the hope that all the people in the world will be tied together peacefully, in the most beautiful, generous, most civilized way?"

F: Neşet Ertaş said something very nice. "There is a path from heart to heart that is not seen". You said such a thing, there are workshops that I share and encourage very similar intentions there. I will say the next one more clearly and more aware.

“the only geographically marked, well-known Turkish fabric;

Şile Cloth."

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