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we knew what we escaped from, we knew what we searched for.

07.2020 I #2


“there is no filter between my inner and outer self”


N: In most of your interviews you say that you speak and state that Fem means mouth. However; mouth cannot take action on its own. It requires other actions. Breath, for example. The lung, to take the breath. While exhaling to make a sound, it requires a vocal cord. It requires epiglottis and tongue. The epiglottis represents the core, the tongue does the announcing to the outside, in my opinion. İn other words, humans speak from the core. You have a surname of Güçlütürk (Strong Turk). The mouth of Güçlütürk, the tongue of Güçlütürk, the heart of Güçlütürk... After all these definitions, what has Fem said and not said until now; how did she find the necessity to changing her life and came so far?

F: I guess everything started with that name. It was an attractive name and I was constantly explaining it's meaning to those who were curious. It was actually luck. So when that is the case, I found myself saying everything. There isn't really a filter between my inner and outer self. Because I believe my thoughts are pure, and I consider myself a good person before all else. I try to think positively, speak positively. Sometimes when I speak openly and express myself comfortably, I worry that I'm misunderstood which upsets me, and in turn I lose my voice. Eventually I get excited again and continue saying a lot of things. After a while I find myself and things I've said to be empty; more precisely the things that change as a result of the things I’ve said weren’t very interesting to me anymore. I’m talking about the working period. You say something, you get a response in return and that carries you somewhere. The moment we carry on metaphorically without talking, I realised that the answer which I'd received in return wasn’t going to carry me to anywhere. Then I decided to take myself out of the conversation.

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