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“I feel strong and we all have this strength”

N: It is always said that being a woman is a hard and challenging thing. I believe that when women-men equality is spoken of or women-men are equal is said, inequality is already created.  This is not even a subject to debate. We are all humans and need to realize immediately that we have the same rights. Because there’s that perception; woman is the giver. I totally disagree. Woman is the one who takes and the taker. When we accept woman as the soil, then man becomes the seed. Soil gets the rain, presents life. Soil gets the sun, ripens the life. Gives a life. When these energies come together, serve each other, become one body; a tremendous chemistry arises. You also take steps which require courage. You are constantly curious of your boundaries and trying to overcome it. What does it mean to you to be a woman on this land?


F: Being a woman is hard, not only on this land but anywhere in the world. The common sense, sensitivity, feeling, courage, durability, sentimentality of a woman is different than that of a man. World, somehow at some point was put on a back burner, turned from mother nature, goddesses into a repressed, may be frightened of its powers, burned as a witch, women’s forced on loads of lands to cover themselves as if it was a matter of chastity, manner. 12 months 24 hours womanhood and determining tens of missions under the name of womanhood such as wifehood, motherhood and also for all these, if you are going to do the opposite, only on a condition without a vacation, a salary, voluntarily; working under these conditions in a man-oriented society “where your boundary is designated” is a cruel torture.

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