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N: If you had the opportunity to ask one question in a “confrontational” way, what would you ask to whom or to what?

F: Schopenhauer says “Everything is to produce, the rest is theatre.” When I observe nature, the entire cycle is on this. The design of some seeds is unbelievable. In fact, I know that scientists are inspired by the aerodynamics of seeds in nature in the design of space shuttles. I wonder whether the human exists to fertilize the life in this planet to other planets with the seeds taken in the space shuttle with them. That’s why I ask the creator. What is the purpose of humans in this world?


N: Is there anything you'd like to ask me?

F: A firm in Italy created a system where when people die, place their ashes or their bodies in a special coffin under a seedling or a seed of a tree, and create a forest instead of a cemetery full of gravestones. If you had such a chance, under which tree would you like to be or into which tree would you like to grow into?


N: Maybe if I thought about it many tree names would come to my mind. As long as it serves, which tree it is, is just a small detail. It doesn’t matter what it is at that point. You'd be buried into the soil, you become grass, a flower, and all kinds of creatures and bees feed off you. If they burn you, you will be spread with the wind, the garment of your soul will absolutely carry on serving for something.

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