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the main source of painting and maintaining it, is that the human has a cause

06.2021 I #13


N: Where would you like to begin?

A: I was born in 1976 in Sinop.  I went to primary school in the village.  After going to middle school in Amasya, I came back to Sinop.  That’s where I completed high school.  I came to Istanbul after I graduated from technical high school.  After working in one or two different lines of business in Istanbul, I started to work in an engineering firm as a technical draftsman.  Then I went to the army.  When I was in the army, I decided what I had actually known from the very beginning, that painting was what I desired.  Without doing any other work;  "I have to paint”,  I said.  I took the exams as soon as I got back.  Mimar Sinan University was my preference. I graduated from the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan in 2010.  I started working with X-ist in August of 2010.  I had three solo exhibitions at X-ist.  In 2013, I exhibited a project in Contemporary Istanbul, mainly consisting of my solo show designs.  Then we parted ways with X-ist.  I was independent for a while.  I did an exhibition at the Black and White Gallery in Ankara.  Then I did the exhibition "Blood Spoils the Dream" at Art-on.  Later, I joined the Pilevneli Gallery.  I am currently working with Pilevneli Gallery.

N: When did you start painting, how did you know that you had the talent of painting?

A: I was able to paint even before I could read and write.  I always had a gift for painting. A person actually knows what they have talent for.

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