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“my issue is inequality, injustice and the people who are exposed to it.”

N: How do you decide what is ideal for you? You were confident in painting. How can a 17-year-old be sure of this? What is the method for this? How can a person be sure of himself? 

A: Well, if they didn’t attempt this at 17 it would be better, I think. It was advantageous for me to reach the decision to paint over a period of time. 

N: Yes, but haven’t you always had this in the back of your mind? Didn’t you always carry this in your heart?

A: I did, but maybe if I had entered university at the age of 17, I would have had a hard time finding a "cause" for myself, I could have been indecisive. Because I wasn't sure at that age... Everything can stumble upon one's mind. Or you can be influenced by something very quickly. The main source of painting and maintaining it is that the human has a cause. I have a cause, a problem that I gained. I am trying to express this. It encourages me to work and produce. If this does not happen, things will not work. For example, if I don't paint for two weeks, I feel very bad and guilty. I go to my workshop every day; either I work or not. I read, watch things, spend time with my cats... Even being here makes me feel good. What allows this to happen, is when the person has a cause.

N: What's your cause?

A: My cause is inequality, injustice and the people who are exposed to it. I am troubled with hierarchy and authority. I'm dealing with them in all my pictures. That problem is in all my works.

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