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N: What does civilisation mean to you?

A: What I just said; to be able to respect nature, environment, people and everything living and live equally. Turkey can be a country with high standards and law enforcement. We can live a very colourful and wonderful life here. I believe this wholeheartedly. It's just that things are getting harder day by day. Because, as I said, they get us used to this situation, and we shouldn't get used to this situation.


N: That's why we're doing Hadsiz. That's why we take "the confrontationists of the time and you" as our guests, and that’s why we say that we believed and trusted in what we have inside of us; Come on Ali! Trust and talk about what is inside of you. Maybe you’ll inspire a thousand people, maybe one.

A: Of course, we all work and strive together. This needs to multiply and increase even more.


“I've never been a hopeless person. i have always had hope and belief.”


N: Are you hopeless?

A: No. Things will work out at some point, but I have never been a hopeless person, I have always had hope and belief.

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