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N: There is an important detail for me. You included only domestic models in one of your collections. Why did you make such a choice?

A: It was 2019, in our first fashion show in Istanbul, I wanted to work with local models because we started our journey from our own essence. All models in Turkey are mostly foreign models. Since the models from Poland, Ukraine and Europe were more attractive to brands, domestic models were not preferred. Just as Turkish brands are not preferred in chain stores... I wanted to say "stop" to this somehow. I wanted to have models that belong to our land and that can reflect this feeling. In the beginning, everyone was against it! We even had a hard time finding twenty models. We started looking for our friends' daughters. We were looking for models who were currently on fashion shows abroad. We give walking lessons to models who can't walk at the fashion show. With great difficulty, we cast eighteen models and made the fashion show. The fashion show ended, the girls hugged and cried at the backstage saying, "we don't know how to thank you, you opened our way, you trusted us, you backed us". It was such an emotional moment for me…

N: Why can't twenty domestic models be found?

A: Because the demand, the will and the intention are not in that direction. The hope of our girls to become models has been dashed. They thought that brands would want foreign models anyway. Designers or brands were really choosing foreign models also. After we did this fashion show, it was both written in the newspaper and heard among the models. In fact, the next year, we held the fashion show in a place called "Zülfaris", which used to be a synagogue but later used as an invitation venue by the “The Association of the Beautification of Karaköy". While preparing the models with a hurry backstage, Emre from the cast said "Which Burcu, Ms. Aslı?". We have been preparing for this fashion show for a month and I was aware and personally knew only one model named Burcu. I said, "There is just one Burcu," without looking back. Emre insisted again, "Which Burcu?" I turned and saw that Emre was in the middle, two Burcu on either side, their hair braided according to the concept, their make-up done, waiting in accordance with the theme. I don't know Burcu on the left. Burcu, whom we do not know, has breached the security, has her hair and make-up done, and has been waiting ready in case there was a need at that moment. It is very valuable for me to have created this courage in someone.

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