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N: What does love mean to you?

B: It's all very challenging and demanding, but it's the most beautiful teaching in the world, in my opinion. Love is something learned and something that we have no choice but to learn. You will say that people love it or not! Not so for me, because I've learned that I don't love many of the things that I thought I loved. I learned that I love many people and many things that I thought I did not love. Learning to love and being loved is a right for me. Is there something like this; “unconditional love!” Is this achievable? Let's love so much so our state of loving so much makes us strong and invincible! Let's love like that; let that love add something to us, let the thing that we love be our gain. Let's discover, learn, share something from it, let's not be upset by anything that may come from it.

N: How can loving be learned?

B: If it were me, I would like to learn it like a five-year-old… Let's say someone loves me no matter what I do. Loves me when I got angry, when I failed, when I was incompetent… You will say, sorry, now you will continue to love me so much; I will learn this too! Teach me how to be successful, how to be brave, how to be satisfied with this life. I don't love many people, if you do, teach me. You will go and face it! You will say teach me to love and you will have no expectations except that they love you. If we do not see being loved and demanding as a right, it means that we are making a mistake somewhere.

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