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“being able to “restate” something is probably one of the mightiest human qualifications…”

N: What do you think is the mightiest qualification of Turkish people?

B: The mightiest qualification that I'm proud of is that they’re hard-bitten. They have a very good differentiation ability. They can agree to everything, but if you make them angry, make them confront an injustice, a very strong common sense is being triggered. Why has no culture dominated this culture until now? Because they say if there is ugliness, I will show you the beauty. They say if you have stinginess, I will show you generosity. They say if there is cruelty, I will show you humanity. That's why no one can dominate this society. The mightiest qualification of Turkishness is that Turks can reveal a strong common sense when they push the button. With that common sense, they surely become invincible. They cannot be invaded, changed, or crushed. As people who have lived and witnessed many civilizations, we absorb, transform and restate information. Being able to "restate" something is probably one of the mightiest human qualifications.

N: What is your next confrontation is going to be?

B: I want to travel to lands where I can be more confrontationist. I want to share our cultural heritage. I’d like to make people partner with beauties in us. I hope that the artists in our country will be known for their difficulties that they’ve been through, ideas and announcing their goals. As an individual, I try to put my best effort in this direction. I’d like to make people partner with what I have to enjoy sharing and learning. I am willing to do whatever is going to be confronted in order to contribute to humans, to humanity.

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