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“what we want was to spread the scent culture of these ancient lands to the world.”

N: As far as I know, there is no other example of what you do...

B: …Yes, there is no example! In perfume, aroma therapy, scent and gene, scent and psychology, scent and history; there is no one to be knocked on their door. Therefore, we had to set our own standards. We had to say to the inspectors who came to inspect us, "Look, you're going to check us out like this". I had to sit down and write them down. For five years, we gave serious battles. What we want was to spread the scent culture of these ancient lands to the world. Our first students came from Baku, Dubai, Qatar and Germany. They learned about the ritual of asking for a girl’s hand in marriage in the Ottoman Empire, the rose water in the Sumerians, and the scent cultures of the holy marriage ceremony in the Assyrians, and took them to their countries. For example, in the Ottoman Empire, when you go to see a girl, you take the scent of lilies with you. That means that we aspire your daughter. If the sherbet comes with cloves, it means "please ask for our daughter". But if the sherbet comes plain, that means “don't come to my door; I have no daughter to give you!”

Again in the Ottoman Empire, while the Valide Sultan had the right to use seventy grams of fragrance every week, the concubines serving her could use three grams. It's also a sign of respect. For example, Cleopatra... She used to dip the papyrus that she sent to Caesar in kakuri essence. To give a message of safety and security. You give the strongest, emotional message with scents. Scents are like the power of silence. In fact, we still get along by sniffing.

N: This sounds like something very primitive and impulsive. Can you get the scent of everything?

B: My next level is called "sniffer". These sniffers, who work in the field of forensic medicine and autopsy, and who can smell odours that no one else can smell, are at the top level. In fact, this is a process… Your sense of smell needs to evolve constantly. It is necessary to create permanent olfactory memories. You need to improve yourself. Yes, I can smell scents that no one else has. My husband is most affected because if he is hiding something from me, I can even smell it.

N: Is this where “I smell a rat” coming from?

B: Because love, happiness, excitement and lies all have a scent.

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