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N: What was your biggest confrontation?

B: Dropping out when I was in high school because I'd follow the fragrance. It was a time when I took my bag and moved to relatives. To my relatives with whom I stayed with my mother was saying; “Tell that confrontationist to come home”. Because the fragrance journey was so pointless to them. I was able to continue this for a year. A year later, I realized that I could both follow the scent and continue my education. After that, I finished two universities and continued my journey with fragrance. It is directly proportional to the meaning that this person attributes to confrontation. If you say it in a positive way, you will continue without borders, if you say it in a negative way, you will stop what you are going to do.

N: What’s your next confrontation going to be?

B: Gathering Isparta roses and other roses in the world on a platform. My greater confrontation is this; It will be taking the scent culture of the ancient civilisations in these lands and making them match with the perfume shining in France. I want to make a fragrance journey all over the world…

N: What’s the mightiest qualification of Turkish people?

B: Literally no matter what we do, we have no boundaries. Both in success and in struggle... Because when we look at history, women and men have achieved great success in these lands without any boundaries. We see this in the War of Independence. We see Anatolian women. We are able to achieve success in that moment, once we are challenged and have no boundaries.


"we are able to achieve success in that moment, once we are challenged and have no boundaries."

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