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N: Why does a human want to do good for another human? Why does a human endeavour for another human? Why does a human think of another human?

E: When you do me a favour, it is about your state of being good, the amount of favour is not important at all. And being in this state of good creates a different polarisation dialogue in social duration after a while. Therefore, the most important point that I’ve realised under the roof of volunteering, social responsibility, decency and sharing is that this is a sharing ecosystem. The feet of a person who is in love -think of our feelings- are not on the ground and the person is always in action in order to share that feeling with the opposite side, to live the same joy. Sometimes romance steps in, sometimes a conflict steps in. My most basic reason for doing in this journey, in this dialogue, in this relationship is that to equalise some things.


N: -Not Ece, not Neslihan- Why does a human want to do good for another human? Why does a human think of another human besides themselves, want goodness for them? Why do they endeavour for their well-being? Completely independent of the person…

E: Empathy, I guess… The biggest reason for that is the feeling of empathy. Doing good, helping each other, sharing with this feeling.


N: Is it empathy or understanding the situation?

E: Personally, I think that in our culture being understanding of one’s situation and empathy are blended together. We both understand the situation and empathise according to the processes that we are exposed to.

N: Do you think that we have a qualified education system? What do you think about our education system?

E: To me the biggest problem in the education system is the inequality of opportunity in the basic standards. The simplest example, as we have seen in the pandemic, the loss of learning between the schools, villages, houses where there’s internet or there’s not… Today in Turkey, everyone gets an education but not as a qualified one. Here what I meant as qualified is not only an academical success or failure. I see it as a whole with its extracurricular activities, daily relationships, sports, music, and dance. We need to create our own system that is suitable to our own demography on a dispersion according to our geographic conditions. Instead of trying to apply systems here which are applied on other countries in the world, we need to establish a system which carries its own signature. For me the important thing is that the person’s talents mustn’t be dried up, they must be brought to the surface. Otherwise, in terms of talent we will continue digging with a needle. 

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