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“I realized that the confrontations of those times were the truths of today.”


N: I think what you did there was connecting the heart and love to one another and annihilating the mind.

E: It truly was, it just came out of my mouth. When I said that we will represent Turkey in an international stage I realized that the confrontations of those times were the truths of today. That’s why I said it from my heart and I’m thankful that I made that confrontation.

N: Then what is your next confrontation going to be? 

E: This is a difficult question. 

N: Now let those sentences come out of your mouth… Take the mind out of the way… It’s been asked to you 10 years ago, after 10 years it’s being asked again.

E: There shouldn’t be a need for SosyalBen. There shouldn’t be such a foundation. Let everything be so ideal that there is no need for SosyalBen.

N: In the world or in Turkey? 

E: First in Turkey and then in the world with Turkey as the leading example. 

N: So beautiful. You filled my eyes with tears.

Well, what’s the mightiest qualification of those who feel Turk themselves?

E: I think it’s their hospitality. During the site work when we go to other countries with SosyalBen, I get the chance to observe this better. Hospitality makes you feel as though you’re at your own home and they do it from the heart. I love this so much. Even the endeavour of hospitality makes us feel good I think.

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