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Competency school

08.2021 I #specialissue


Neslihan: Frankly, I don't know what to say or how to start. We accepted our fifteenth issue as a special issue. We did a photoshoot together and as Hadsiz team, we will chat together. While Aydan, Berk, Batuhan and I were sitting in the living room of our house, we decided to bring the Hadsiz Project to life. In fact, we had to be very quiet at that moment; because Kadir had an Instagram live broadcast. Hadsiz magazine actually started to develop and take shape there. As we were wondering whether we shall name it as "Limitless" or "unlimited", Kadir said, let it be "Hadsiz!" We decided on this name by thinking about how the name Hadsiz sounds, how it tinkles, how we can see the chemistry of the "negative" meaning of the word. We thought, “If we act consistently, if we stand behind it very firmly, we can give this name its due”. From outside, it looks like only me and our guest, but there is a team behind every issue of Hadsiz and our readers and viewers wanted to get to know the Hadsiz team. We are preparing this issue for them.

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