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Halil: What does Hadsiz mean to us?

Neslihan: There are so many boundaries for all of us. These confront us sometimes as cultural, sometimes geographical, sometimes political, and sometimes social boundaries. Every time, Hadsiz arose the desire to see and exceed the limits and made me love the desire to exceed my limits. For me it means stability. It is also a “competency school” because we all grow and gain competence. I think that Hadsiz should be looked after. I think it is an organisation that should not be owned, but should be embraced. Because we don't do something with an example.

Halil: If you look at the people that we have as guests or guests of The Confrontationists Amongst All; you see that they are outside of the social norms. With the perception that we cannot experience such things, we cannot do such things, we cannot achieve such things; you may encounter a perspective that makes them heroic and separates them from us. Here is Hadsiz; it brings people who seem separate from us closer to us. Today, almost all of Hadsiz readers can find something from themselves in every issue. It can bond with them. “If they can do it, I should be able to do it too,” it says. I think this is very important at a time when people are anxious and do not dare to do anything. Because for them, it is likewise empowering and developing.

Berk: Archival works…

Neslihan: Hadsiz is an archive already. We hope those who come after us will take care of it as much as we do and continue it. This is my demand. So why are we making Hadsiz?

Halil: I think we all know that we all have potential and we want this potential to be revealed in everyone. And we give ourselves a clean slate. We make Hadsiz because we know that what we have is in everyone. This excites me so much. I can see Hadsiz's potential, I can see its vision... If it is well cared for, well fed, properly "watered" in the right place, it can grow into a very strong and fertile tree.

Batuhan: We make Hadsiz to show that "If they can do it, you can do it too”

Aydan: Something has caught my attention lately. Everyone has a desire to act. Hadsiz proves that you don't need to think that much to actually act. Here we are making Hadsiz because for me it is a state of moving from a state of being still.

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