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Neslihan: What is the mightiest qualification of Turkish people?

Batuhan: Their hospitality and courage.

Aydan: Being combative. Never giving up the fight. As soon as they think they are quitting, they immediately pick up and continue. Helping and supporting one another.

Berk: The state of being one…  Common sense and benevolence are the basis of this state of being one.

Halil: : I love everything about it. I love these people very much, I have always loved them. I really don't know which one to separate from another. But maybe I can say this: Their being “çarıklı”. It is a definition of “ wearing a handmade sandal". It is used to refer to a person as a "villager". I guess this is the mightiest qualification that I want it to be most visible. It is not a person who takes great precautions, watches over themselves, makes plans and acts accordingly.

Neslihan: What are your next confrontations going to be?

Aydan: I used to think that I was close to the people around me. But I realized that I wasn't really close. My next confrontation is going to be to establish real intimacy with everyone.

Halil: Despite everything, it is going to be my still moving on.

Berk: In the field of digital media, training people and gaining expertise; at the same time, to establish an organization where the problems in these channels are discussed and resolved. I want to achieve this by establishing an association or foundation.

Batuhan: : It is going to be trying to find ways to spread happiness and self-joy to people.

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