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N: But you said that you were acquainted with animals too.

E: Theoretically. When I saw a documentary, an encyclopedia, I was poking at them even when I was illiterate. The one who is more scared of or more careful, is quicker to learn. We think this is fear, but it’s actually just excitement. When you face fear, ignorance disappears and love replaces it. It gets bigger. It has no definition. The secret of this business is; if you have it in you, to deal with that subject...

N: What is the biggest qualification that separates animals from humans?

E: For centuries all philosophers and scientists have presented theories about this. There is only the concept of spirituality. If a man has spirituality, he can be evaluated in a different place than animals.

N: Is the right one awareness? Or spirituality?

E: The word spirituality is not actually a wrong word.

N: I didn't that because it’s wrong. I just wonder which one would be preferred?

E: You know how I just said that there is no definition of love. So the definition means that something becomes understandable in the material world. What we call flesh and bones. The concept of "water boils at 100 degrees" can be defined. But there is also an indescribable sense of water. When complimented, there is an aspect of it that comes alive. Although not every person notices these, animals live it as it is and they do not worry about defining it... the animal is already experiencing the final state of awareness.


“being in the moment is just living without even realizing that you’re realizing something.”

N: Isn't that very motivational thing? It didn't feel like awareness to me.

E: This is not awareness anyway. Being in the moment is just living without even realizing that you’re realizing something. Taking pleasure from it and feeling it...“It” is creating it at that time. This is beyond realizing. This is actually what we call worship, what we call "being in the moment", what we call meditation.

N: What is the word equivalent of human?

“what we call man is the zoological aspect of human.”

E: Etymologically I don't know. The root of the word reaches Arabic roots. The concept we call human beings defines man in five parts. With his arms, legs and head... But if he has spirituality, that human is what he defines as "person". Mysticism only makes this distinction. What we call man is the zoological aspect of human. Therefore, the animal can stay in the moment, but the human can not stay in the "moment" because he questions what he thinks. If a person succeeds in questioning with spirituality and can do this by abandoning himself, the difference between animal and human becomes clear.

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