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you can’t attain much efficiency by making little effort

11.2021 I #17


N: Now if I say to you; start! Where would you like to start from?

İ: I would like to start from the age of eight. My father is a prosecutor. He is retired now, but he was working on Imrali Island in those years. Volunteer inmates were also serving in the summer camp of the prison. There was a prisoner painting the walls of that place. He used to take his canvas and paint oil paintings in his spare time. I used to watch him. He called me one day. The next day we made a canvas together. Made of white glue and fabric… We stretched it. Then he placed an easel in front of me. He made me start oil painting handing a palette over to me. This was my first parting of the way.

I had inclination to physics and mathematics from an early age. When it was time for university, I preferred ITU Physics Engineering. And this was my second parting of the way. The teaching of the universe of physics is a beautiful teaching. It tries to explain the cause and effect relationships of all events, from micro to macro, to its students. And this creates a beautiful thinking arithmetic in one's brain. And after a while you start to look at everything with this arithmetic.

But when I graduated, I started working in corporate jobs like everyone else. On the other hand, I was continuing the trainings that would improve my career. This situation created an identity crisis in me. I couldn't recognize myself. I was unable to concentrate on work in business meetings…

I didn't know what to do either. Then, with the help of my friends, I managed to find the right way. I have started my new life, which would combine my knowledge in physics and my talent, which was, art and craft. By reading, watching, doing research, going to various workshops; then by trying what I learned, I started sculpting when I felt ready.

"the most important material that every fact, every goal achieved needed: time.”

N: How did you move from painting to sculpture?

İ: Ever since I was little, I had a great interest in crafts. If I saw a blacksmith I would watch him, if I saw an electrician I would watch him. Whatever crafts I saw, I would sit and watch them like watching television. Also, my father had a small carpentry workshop at home. He made furniture there, and I apprenticed him. That's how, because I have an interest in every craft, painting started to not satisfy me after a while. Three-dimensional objects were more interesting to me. Therefore, the point I would combine these two was sculpture for me. Both craft and art…

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