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N: You’re saying in your previous interviews that: It is possible to establish a dialogue with space and objects. What does time and space mean to you?

İ: Time is a relative concept. It is impossible to explain this clearly. Even the most competent scientists cannot explain this issue clearly. I think the flow of time depends entirely on perception. Time ages us; it gives us experience. Therefore, it gives something while taking something. There is also an “irregularity unit" of the universe.

Every job we do; every breath we take, taking an item from one place and putting it in another place, driving our car, collision of two objects or every chemical reaction, burning… All of these cause a loss of efficiency. There is no one hundred percent efficient system. For example, when we light a candle, not all of the flame of this candle spreads to the environment as heat. Some of the energy goes to the chemical reactions required for flame to occur. So it shifts. Some go to the irregularity unit. This happens in everything we do. In other words, even when we walk from one place to another, we contribute to the irregularity unit of the universe. This contribution never remains constant. It is always increasing. We can think of this as the expansion of the universe.

This tells us that; not all of our labour can come out as efficiency. You can't attain much efficiency by making little effort! To get a yield, we have to put a force in it. We can also put this force in time. As time passes, strength increases. Therefore, the most important material that every fact and every goal achieved needed: time.

The space is something a little different to me. More of a feeling… I think we leave an energy into a place just as how we exist in there. In other words, both image and sound are actually waves. If we are in a place, the light reflected from us and the sounds coming from us spread to that space. Theoretically, wave never reaches exactly zero. It is damped to the point where we cannot hear it. And again theoretically wave goes on decreasing with a micron degree but theoretically never reaches zero. So forever, it actually stays in that place. When we say space, we are actually talking about the sum of everything that has existed there before. At this point, while working on the work that I want to create, I think that this feeling is reflected and passes there.

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