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“That which has been waiting to be recognized, now wants to be recognized.”

05.2021 I #12


"When we look from today to that day, we can see that those who behaved outside of the norms of that day created today's norms."

Batuhan: Welcome. I would like to start with the question that everyone is curious about. How did the Hadsiz Project begin, how was it born?

N: It was like this: There was you Batuhan, there was Berk (Şenöz), there was Aydan (Çelik) and there was me... First, I spoke with you. But before that, it was something that I always thought about. Frankly, I was thinking more about limits. Why are there limits? Why are there borders between people? Why are there limits in sharing information? Bees can get honey from any flower it wants, but why do we need tools such as passports, visas and identification when we want to go from one place to another? When we all belong to this universe and this universe belongs to all of us... So I started with this idea. While the four of us sat talking about how we can share this idea with people, Aydan (Çelik) said, "Let's make such a magazine then." You and Berk said, "We support it, too." Actually, the idea came from me, but it was your support that got me moving.

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