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B: How is it going and how will it continue?

N: We, you know, work in a guerrilla way. It is a bit guerrilla-style, a little cooperative... We don't have very clear job descriptions. Everyone is grabbing the end of a rope. That's why I can say that we have an amateur soul. We all try to do our best with all our hearts. This seems very precious to me. It will probably continue with the same spirit. In this adventure that we started as four or five people, we are now seventeen or eighteen people. I think this is a tremendous thing. I really think that we do something that we should be proud of. Everyone is putting something from their hearts. We hope that it will open up more and more, and more similar examples to what we have done will gradually increase. The people whom we can inspire and be the light will increase and we can expand their horizons, because our horizons are also expanding while doing this. We also learn a lot of things. As Hadsiz Proje continues to touch and inspire the lives of its followers and readers, it also turns into a school that empowers and develops its own people. That's why I am very pleased.

B: Is there anything you have been thinking about especially recently?

N: I'm not thinking about a single issue in particular. Unfortunately, I am in a period that I cannot focus on a single subject. But I can say that I am currently thinking about the concept of "healing". As the meaning itself, being well, healing... I found my cure from the illness I was experiencing (Leaky Gut Syndrome), almost without using any medication, only by changing my nutrition style, because I realized that many things that I eat for "healing" do more harm than good. Wheat in particular… I care about wheat because bread is the only thing that enters everyone's home, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. In order to feed people and continue their lives, I think that if what they eat harms them, it is necessary to sit here and think thoroughly.

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