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“when i go out into nature, i clean the front of the lens that has blurred.”

N: So how’s your relationship with nature? 

T: I was a child that was a little lucky and a little unlucky. I grew up in an apartment, but I went camping every week. I was alone on Mount Light in a camp. It was a 14-day camp. Nothing was the same when I returned. I still have the same feeling every time upon returning from camp. The city life begins to blur my perception again after a while, I can’t see clearly. When I go out into nature, I clean the front of the lens that has blurred. The fog clears, it gets sharp and I see everything very clearly because in nature there is a rule; The fire will burn in the evening, you have to eat, so the wood needs to be collected, you will be tidy, there are animals around, you will be careful, you will hang the food on the tree so that no wolves or bears come ... The rules are clear and you are no more precious than a tree in those conditions. You are no different than an ant there. You are that ant there, you are a tree, you are a cocoon ... Under the stars, you feel how beautiful life is, without any effort, no effort, no philosophical knowledge. You feel like you are siblings with that tree, that ant, that fox, the rabbit, the wind blowing. Then there is no distance left between you and life. 

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