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"i learnt that money doesn't make people happy."

N: When did you first feel that you would transcend both your own and your operational boundaries?

Y: I was such an insecure child... I saw myself as useless. I discovered myself in Egypt. I discovered that I have language learning skills, business skills and talents. Self-confidence came to me after my theatre education and psychoanalysis.

“i have always been very spiritual. my relationship with Allah saved me. "

N: You haven't had an easy life. How did you survive after all this?

Y: It's simple, by praying! I have always been very spiritual. My relationship with Allah saved me. When a role was assigned to me as a child, I believed. I wanted to be able to change the world. I was ready to be Jesus. Like him, I could have died. I would pray for that too. Sorrows and fights should end. As long as people were good. I prayed every day, morning and evening. "Allah protect me". And he did protect! Then one day he sent me Jean- Jacques.

N: You saw many cultures, met people of different nationalities and became friends. What did it add to you? What did everything that you have experienced cause you to become attached to, hold on to? I'm sure you have discovered a lot of things in your relationship with nature, yourself, animals and humans. Have you also discovered the balance that is tremendous, no matter how unbalanced it may seem? Actually, were you able to see how everything works so well?

Y: You know what I actually learned? I learnt that I know everything. I learnt that I was right as a child. I learnt that money doesn't make people happy. I learnt that happiness couldn’t be bought with money. As long as we can be happy. Let's focus on ourselves. Let's be in peace.

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