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Even though in implicit meaning of  borderless/impertinent  is impudence, ignorance, pride, meddlesomeness and arrogance, the core of the word indicate boundaries, thus the substance should only connect with border. 

Had means border, and Hadsiz means Borderless.  


I have been in a state makes me feel that I could not fit into myself, to the body that I wear, the room that I stay, my home, my neighbourhood, my city, my country, even to the world I born in, and I overflow. I find out my own borderlessness and saw how I was border(ed).


I think we should understand the literary meaning of border, and especially distinguish what is borderlessness before assuming anything and anyone as (borderless) Hadsiz. We were raised and are raising in our borderlessness, like we have one; it is because of living conditions, culture, geography, family and politics! But whenever we know our border, we loved to explore beyond of it. As we must exceed our borders! There shouldn’t be any border to human compedence. Then, why there are borders? Borders between people, borders in between cities, countries, ... What is border? Is it something required? What if we know there is no border essentially? Imagine ideas like a person who has no border, or a society, or a world that has no border, a universe, love, generosity, knowledge sharing which has no border, or liberty and many more  (borderless person, a borderless society, a borderless world, a borderless universe, borderless love, borderless generosity, borderless knowledge sharing, borderless liberty and many more) have come into our life at the same time, with the same extent of borderlessness...


Summarily, talking to people who got out their borders may be an inspiration, a light and be Hadsiz.



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