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Since we are in a time journey, let’s turn our objectives to the empty lands where our new country’s new teachers will rise in the 1940’s. That empty lands called Hasanoglan near the capital Ankara. Yes. The people still transport their crops harvested from the fields by stagecoaches. And unfortunately they could NOT take filtered selfies inside golden spike fields. Anyways, there is a bare empty land in front of us. A group of village kids work so hard, teachers stand by them, vice-principals, principals together. They are building their own classrooms, their dorms, carpets, rugs, welding steels, painting, carving, building carpentery ateliers and et cetera. They are building warehouses near the fields farmed by modern agricultural ways. In fact, they are building the modern world for tomorrows with their hands, with their sweats. They are learning to play, violins, mandolins and a Turkish string: Baglama. They are making scientific experiments, organizing math and geometry competitions. They experiment advanced irrigation techniques on the fields that farmed by themselves. They read world literature, they put stage plays, concerts, exhibitons to modest little theater stages built by themselves. (Stop. The heart-eye emoji’s have not been invented yet. You’ll have to wait 50 years for that. Patience.) Every Thursday, all the students, all of the principals, all the teachers meet and host poets, authors, ministers, parliamenters, even presidents and talk about everything with no limits (no borders) and seek for right ways to develope. Their education, their future, what’s to do in school, what’s to do in the country, what’s to do in the world, arts, literature and what so ever. These are the candidate teachers who will return their villages and educate new students eventually. They have to know Asik Veysel, they have to know Mozart. They have to know Moliere, they have to know Dede Korkut. In one hand, they have to know how to farm, and in the other hand they have to know how to repair devices. They will adopt the mens history in this planet, they will adopt the humanity’s legacy, they organise “native products week”, they will teach about cooperative. These kids will return their villages, build schools if necessary, build bird nests in these schools if necessary and light every individual’s future with their knowledge. How is this time journey going? Where is this? Republic of Turkey, Village Institutes in 1940. The founder is Hasan Âli Yucel.

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