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Let’s open the almighty Google and look what else he has done. See? The first Turkish spelling guide, Turkish dictionary, Turkic encylclopedia, Islamic encyclopedia…

The very first National Education Comitee, about five hundred tranlated books about literature, philosophy and theatre plays.

And these translations were all made by hand and printed/published with ink in mechanical devices letter by letter. Did you see? The first conservatory school in Turkey is founded by him!

Hasan Âli knew these lands’ the creativity knows no boundries. He was one of the pulls the curtains up between us and the truth. He was one of who relate our past to our future. From back in that time, to this very moment… Borders have been opened, overran, expanded that way. With bridges, with roads like his. They were building bridges on time with endless efforts of borderless people. Despite all of the impossibilities, despite all of the obstacles. They were building bridges on the rich legacy of humanity, that was the secret. They were giving shape with the flame burning in their hearts, and sthrengthening with experience. And today, we -in our borders- can find materials to build bridges to confrontationism and borderlessness confrontationist. Today we know it is possible to build a better future and we also know that is not anything else but the truth.

And so, what do you say we take action and make dreams come true borderlessly like he did? For example, update his Turkish Village Institutes Project and adapt that to today’s conditions. Translate Turkish classical literature products with discipline to world languages. Bring back to life the new ways of cooperative consciousness. (I might put a smiley here, barely holding myself right now.)


Like I said in the first place, Hasan Âli had a strong honor in his heart. He did not add his legacy neither a single farm nor a single apartment. He was a journalist and a teacher before his ministery, he was a journalist and a teacher after his ministery.


-Let’s remember the translation: Hadsiz means confrontationist. I am not going to translate this word to English from now on.-


Ask Hadsiz, Be Hadsiz, Find Hadsiz, Add Hadsiz’s to Hadsiz!


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