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“I Don’t Want Any Distance between Anyone.”


N: What are you doing to remember this? 

K: I remember the moment and the status. I remember that “moment” because human psychology is so suitable for judgement, and perception of man is very convenient to be managed. What he has to do, when he is in a worried, painful situation, is make an effort to remember the times that he is not. In the beginning it could hardly be done, but later man can do it, and when he starts to remember, he starts to get close that constant state. My steps and the areas, I applied, have developed in this way. Henceforth I get out very little from that joyful state. In general I am in the state of joy and Aşk.

N: What is the first memory you remember in life?

K: I think I am 2.5 years old or 3. I remember those years clearly because someone had died from the family. I was in front of the apartment on my tricycle, and my mother is calling me from above. Then we live on the first floor. I raise my head,and my mother was there.

N: How can you remember your exact age?

K: Because when I was at that age, a family elder died and I also remembered from time to time; the periods when our family elder gave pin money to us, or the times that other family members took care of him, or the periods when neighbours came and visited. My mum call out to us from above and tell us to come home, I think my big brother is with me there. As I have tried to explain while describing Aşk just now, there is an area where I stand out from everything and do not manage my own perception. That is the place where I wish everyone could go. An in there, you are being ensure these kind of a moment or memories. These moments are unprejudiced, fearless, able ones. If it could be sensed and endeavoured as it is, it will certainly come to the cognisance and it will be permanent.

N: What is your favourite feature of yourself? 

K: I am not distant from people. This must be my favourite side. I feel that there is no distance between me and anyone. If there is, I try very hard to remove it. I guess I don't want any distance between anyone.

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