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N: What is the most glorious side of Turkish people in your perspective? 

K: Common sense. I travelled almost all continents in the world, went to distances that could touch people and talked with each one. We tried to talk with people, whomever we come across in the camps we went together, in every language, you remember. And what I saw was an innate talent of common sense among people living in this geography. I  think we can make our decisions with our common sense, and from this point of view, we are the freest nation in the world. We encountered a lot of unpleasant and pleasant issues in the past and today, if people think about it a bit, they understand what I mean. And whatever we have been through, we could always be able to come through of those situations in our best condition. Sometimes the blade rested on the bone, and that is common sense as well. The first years of the republic started to be established or primary years of the Ottoman (Turkish) power was established, would be the best example of this. You can force the Turkish people only to some extent. When the blade rests on the bone, the common sense of people, living in this geography, speaks in another tone and this takes us to our most civilized state. We do every piece of work with our common sense. Sometime we seem to forget it, yet sometimes we use it unwittingly. But eventually common sense awakens and starts to work. Because we did not give our sovereignty to anyone and we will not.

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