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N: What does it mean for you to be late? Have you ever think you're late for something?

K: I had the feeling that I was always late until I was 30 years old, we have witnessed our last 6 years together already. I have been able to break this for the last 2-3 years. I was punctual and I would want to be there neither a minute early nor a minute late. Today I learned that man could neither be late nor be early. Whatever happens, it goes on time, it is there on time. If there is traffic in front of you because it should be there. This is not fatalism. I make the best effort I can. After that I do not care whenever I take the action I wanted, or I'm late. Then I say to myself it wasn't the right time for this because I made all the effort I could. I never get upset or be offended, and this state of mind gives me more mature, more generous and more clear vision; far from all the emotions of being late or going on time. So I wish it spread to everyone.

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