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N: Where does fear occur in this range? What does fear mean to you?


K: I was making everything from fear earlier. You have to be honest and sincere. The fear, that lies behind everything I fear, was I can be understood or not. I got rid of it. Then I saw that there was no concept of fear. If I hear a popping sound right now and I flinched, it's not fear, it's a reflex. It’s not a physical reaction/unresponsiveness that I tried to explain. If there is an explosion, all nature reacts to that sound and returns there. What I am trying to describe as fear is the emotion that prevents you from doing good/pleasant things and prevents you from doing that action, what it should be. We do not go out now because of the fear of death. However, the human being has been dying since the day he came to his understanding. People are dying of hunger and thirst, in many parts of the world. But everyone goes to work and continues their lives. Why do they not go today? Because it feels like death is on everyone's door. This is a perception. This is a personal fear. Because it feels like he has a fear of death. It is necessary to understand that there is no fear of death. There are already two truths in the world, to understand everything else. One is to be born, one is to die. The day I was born is certain, the day I will die is certain. Counting down from the day I was born to the day I will die is we experience, this brings comfort to the person. I stopped fearing whatever comes to my way. So there is no fear or fearlessness, and there is nothing I cannot do with the freedom it brings.



“What You Call Fear Prevents What Must Be”

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