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I would like you to stop for a moment and think that there was a notion, a state in which you were connected with love and that you could overcome your boundaries for the sake of this; and could you take a step into an action where you wouldn’t come out of your way with anyone's condemnation and compliment? It is such a love; without having desires of temporary and earthly notions like home, salary, work, etc. or without being crushed under such impositions of life and without being in need of any impositions; would you only follow your love or whatever you want to do constantly? And for this cause, would you proceed constantly at all cost until you get the result? In your entire life, without caring and even not minding at all about wearing only one outfit, having a house or having an enviable job/authority; could you give whatever you have away just for an incident which was going wrong, for a notion, maybe for the right to live of a human in order to do whatever you would like to do at all cost?

A person does this only if “love” exists. We are not talking about the love which evokes huge and temporary desires between two people. It is such a ‘love’, which makes you pierce mountains, travel deserts, not die but pass out for the sake of it...

I actually want to talk about a person who lived and made live such a situation and became legendary with what he did; Ahmeddin Carlak; with his own statement Ahmet Bedevi, aka Manisa Tarzani.

"He was an Anatolian veteran who fought on the front lines in the World War I and the War of Independence and had an Independence medal for his achievements."

As his renowned story; in 1899, he was born in the Ottoman Empire lands as Turkmenian originated and died in Manisa back in 1963 and Ahmeddin Carlak, who left a legendary lifestyle behind him, was an Anatolian veteran who fought on the front lines in the World War I and the War of Independence and had a Medal of Independence.

What made him a legend and a hero in the eyes of the people was not only fighting for the land or the people who lived in that land but also the things that he did for “nature” in which his own people’s needs were served well when all the opposing forces “went as they came”

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