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While the alliance powers left the land with a motive of hurting (maybe made sure nobody follows or it was the fear of death), they burnt all the red pines in Western Anatolia and left. The flames spread so fast in a very short time and left nature in tar-black darkness which was used to be home to the chirpy life. Whoever saw this, their heart would have been oozed, and would have been angry, would have reprimanded. As far as I understand, also the heart of Mr. Ahmet, aka Manisa Tarzani, has tingled and with this tingle, he did not complain and wait, or expect the government/authorities to come into and fix the problem, he just simply took an action, regenerated and regreened all the forests in west Anatolia with human/nature love within the lifetime which is not considered very long. So much so that he devoted his remaining life to protecting forests, where he regenerated and given life to. It's easy to write, easier to say it. Thousands of hectares of forest; individually planted seeds and saplings; away from technology, not cared about hot, cold, a work/occupation, a home, a car… I suggest you stop thinking for a moment and consider seizing that moment! So much so that he was dying for it and did all this in a hut in his shorts, with a love in his heart.


He confronted and gained an unwavering place in the hearts of all the people...


"He did it for the sake of humans...  Neither for himself nor for a forest... Just for humans!”

Now I'd like to ask you again; Would you like to experience such a love, and do things that are useful for the environment, or for humans? We complain about many things in this time we live; livelihood, lack of education, justice, right to life, equality, cultural corruption, lack of civilization... there’s more to write. Complaining, regretting to say that ‘I wish it had not happened’, and afterwards believing that every complaint could be resolved fairly without the need of waiting for liberation or solution from an institution is possible only when it is done with “love”. Mr. Ahmet, aka Manisa Tarzani, did it for the sake of humans... Neither for himself nor for a forest… Just for humans!

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