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The only love of Neyzen was "The Truth" now.


The shell around Neyzen Tevfik was breaking. He was getting closer and closer to his true potential. He was famous for his reputation, but he was not yet the great poet "Neyzen Tevfik" that we know today. He was the young poet Neyzen, who just had considered his immaturity as politeness, and who had not fully grasped the grandeur of the pen in his hand and the ney on his lips.


As the crime reports, detentions and foot-whippings of tyranny increased, he decided to go to Egypt. He and his best friend Poet Esref, who was suffering from the same troubles, went to Cairo together. He continued his life by blowing the ney in private invitations and pasha’s mansions. He was again got arrested by the tyranny because of his one of sarcastic writings. Neyzen must have been deeply interacted, matured and grown in the "Dervish Lodge of Abdal Bektashi" in Cairo, where he took refuge, and this could clearly be understood from the reflections on his art. He spoke of those days as follows in his work "Azab-I Mukaddes", which he wrote years after his return from Egypt:

“Those five years spent in Egypt with two-three words

Cause I want to end those days well.


I must write carefully by leaving it to time

I reckon particularly this part of my life is important.


The idea of my freedom arose in there

And my whole lifestyle is a clear proof (burhan – celî) of it.


After the declaration of constitutionalism, he returned to Izmir and then shortly after to Istanbul... However, when the pressures of the unionist, who ended the tyranny in a coup, was equally tyrannizer of the Period of Abdelhamid, this time Neyzen became one of the banned poets of the union period. The pressures, the detentions, the tortures continued increasing gradually. Neyzen Tevfik's experiences in Egypt with poet Esref triggered a tremendous change in him. He was now free from fear and anxiety of condemnation, and he was now wearing the cardigan of condemnation. For this reason, Neyzen Tevfik stood out as a very contrasting and exotic man as opposed to musicians, who had a gentle and court lord attitude, of the period. His strange trousers, messy hair, the gaberdine jacket that he got from Mehmet Akif and the lines that started to appear on his face gave him a characteristic. He had deep lines, which has deep meanings, on his face. His eyes seemed to be staring at the windows of another realm at any moment... He looked neither like the Sea of Istanbul nor the "polite" people raised by the sweet, gentle winds of the beaches of Istanbul. Because his wind came from the Sea of Bodrum.


Neyzen Tevfik did not complain about it. He was walking in any of the taverns, blowing his ney, drinking his raki and making money.


Then he was going to George's or Dimitri's tavern, he was drinking raki again and he was blowing his ney. In our music world, Neyzen Tevfik established an exceptional and supreme throne, and he was an artistic genius who sat down on that throne with great privilege. When he began to blow his ney, his divine epistles were reaching to the souls of those who listened to him, and those who cheered with this bliss had a genuine purity in the face of his eternal mastery.

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