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Neyzen Tevfik was an innate musician and poet. Besides, there was almost no difference between his pen and his ney, his lips and his hand. Every time he started blowing, the letters turned into notes, finding souls, and every time he picked up the pen to write, the notes were a symphony of letters. Naturally, life was getting harder and harder for Neyzen. As the effect was increasing, so did the pressures on him, and the detentions, the blacklists, the foot-whippings were becoming more frequent. This situation started to turn into such a situation that Neyzen was now trying all kinds of ways to elude the sleuths and had to stay on the streets for weeks. His talent and mastery were such unique that, despite the decision to capture him, the high-ranking pashas were arranging special invitations to listen to him. Neyzen walked in and out pasha's mansions and secluded fishing shelters. From theatre to poetry, from music to satire, he made his name in every field.

In the following years, the bells of the great war began to be heard. The state of the country could be written all over Neyzen's face, and it could be heard from his ney. He seemed as he was looking for a cure for all the difficulties, pains and cruelty with his pen. After the invasion of Izmir, he became a supporter of the "liberation movement", which inevitably began. He used his pen to criticize the Ottoman empire and to support the liberation movement and the republic. Just before the liberation movement began, he walked into Dimitri's tavern and saw a table with officers. He immediately started blowing his ney. He left the tavern after Dimitri, the tavern’s owner, said that they were progressive officers who were drinking on credit. After a while, he came back with a wad of cash and left it on the officers' table. He walked away from the table, telling the officers they didn't need to drink on credit. Neyzen went to other taverns and blew his ney and brought the money he earned to the officers he was going to be a part of. Years later, with the invitation of Mustafa Kemal, in a meeting, he was going to learn from Mustafa Kemal himself that one of the officers at that table was Mustafa Kemal.

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