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acrobatic flying is the purest action that I could feel the state of being a good person.

08.2020 I #3


N: The intention of doing is always inside us. However, the fear inside prevents us from doing so. You were a successful architect and were making a good amount of money. You could’ve lived your life as you liked, you had a car, could’ve gone anywhere for a vacation. But you declined all of them. I give this example when talking about you; while making that amount of money, being that successful, leaving everything behind, studying in Hungary; this girl has become an acrobat pilot by working so hard, sleeping on a thin concrete bed, feeding people’s cats, planting and cleaning planes. What was the trigger the moment you said “I’m going to be a pilot?

Nur: What I was actually looking for wasn’t to be a good architect. It was being a good, decent person. Because I see as my main duty as “what’s being a good person?”, understanding it well and succeeding in it. There were many moments where I questioned myself when I was in architecture. I found myself not responding to certain things that I did not like, due to my job. If I wanted the job to be done, then I needed to not see or hear some things in the name of professionalism. I think those were the moments which failed humanity and I wasn’t comfortable with being part of it.  My quest was; “What can I do for the sake of my humanity?”. It was granted and I came across beautiful examples. I observed those people. What they did, why they did it, how they did it... I looked in the eyes of those people, got inspiration. This is a moment that’s hard to describe; it was a feeling and it told me “This is you, you belong here. You are okay here. ”Because I was at a point I didn’t judge myself at all. There was nothing to judge, everything was perfect. Meanwhile, I sold my car to make these come true. It wasn’t enough, I sold my bike, computer, bags and stuff. It became a tragicomic situation for me. But because I hit the road so I could fly, I got rid of my weights. It satisfied me so much in terms of being a person; I was the one who experienced having nothing except my dreams, after the satisfaction that having everything could not give me. Look at today, within a few years I’m sitting in front to my plane, having a conversation with you. It came this far. I’m still living those same beautiful feelings that I felt in that first moment. My eyes still shine the same. The words still infinite while talking about this topic, nothing can describe that beauty. That means I’m on the right path.

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“what I was actually looking for was to be a good, decent person”

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