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“let’s be fully aware of what we say, what we wish for, what we desire.”

N: What benefit would you have liked to be for humanity?

Nur: I think I have only one benefit to humanity right now and that is teaching love to our daughter that we’ve bought into the world; showing her beauty as a mother and father who are hardworking, disciplined, dreamers, joyful, excited, full of love.

What I hope to be of benefit is: Just how Semin was an inspiration to me by flying, if I can also be successful then that will be where I can benefit. Let’s be fully aware of what we say, what we wish for, what we desire. Everything is possible. Let’s not stop ourselves with the excuses we create. There are boundries that we set for ourselves. I don’t set them anymore. My joy should be an example. I do what I love. I take risks but I’m not afraid of losing; I trust in my heart, my diligence, my intelligence. I pray for better, I fully trust who hears my prayers. Whatever is put in my way, I accept that they know better than I do and I do my work. I don’t add the weight of posessions to my wrists, I’m flying. I don’t seek happiness in goods and property, I seek them in my core and find them exactly there. Life goes on, whatever it brings, I don’t worry. When the journey gets harder I become more enriched in love and say now it’s time to learn and develop. I love myself eternally; because of my love and respect for the one who created me. I don’t consider myself separate from him, how can I? I look at the mirror and see his signature all over me. He’s all around me. Amazing. Inexplainable. Therefore I can’t expect anything less of me, just like every one of us, we deserve the most beautiful and I’m looking for that beauty. My focus is not on where I’m going, it’s on the road. I wish for more of us to be like that, this is actually such a beautiful chain. Which ever one of us makes something beautiful, the one following them makes it more beautiful right after them. The following one makes it even more beautiful right after them. We are growing, expanding, becoming one. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes. They should look at me and say this: “See, there’s nothing to be afraid of”. Let’s not be afraid of making mistakes, could a person find beauty without making mistakes? Let’s make mistakes so that we can learn. Let’s correct our mistakes together. Let’s find what’s right.”

N:  What is the mightiest qualification of Turkish people or those who feel Turkish?

Nur: Their mind, courage and power. Turkish people can change the world with one word. If we could rip off all the nonsense that is imposed on us from ourselves and could act with love, nothing could stop us. I think there’s only one thing that could stand in the way of Turkish people: Turkish people themselves. The only thing that can motivate, drive Turkish people is again Turkish people themselves. We need to love and respect ourselves. If we do this then nothing can stand in our way. Nothing can harm us.

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