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N: What do plan on doing for your country?

Nur: Right now I’m paying attention to and benefiting my nation by being really careful of every action I take here, every flight that I have in other countries, in terms of representing Turkish people. In the future I dream of teaching in Turkey. At the same time there’s a charity named “Figure One” which my husband is the founder of. This charity provides flight education scolarships to pilots worldwide with no aim of profiting. In Turkey those who would like to take advanced flight lessons but don’t have the budget can apply from the charity’s website by searching for the relevant scolarship options for themselves. The application process is quite easy. I’d like to bring these educations to Turkey.

N: You spend most of your time there in the warehouse. You have a minimal life. You designed your home with second-hand furniture. And you did all of this while you have a child. Actually you show us that we don’t need much. Why do you prefer such a life?

Nur: One of the things that my journey bought me was simplicity, becoming lighter. I established a system of my own. If I don’t use or touch something that is in my home for six months, that means I don’t need it. I don’t keep them at my home. Less is more. I think all the goods and clothes on this earth that have been produced are enough for all of humanity and the next generation. If it were up to me I don’t think there is a need to produce one more good. It is possible to refurbish and reuse second-hand. We are at such a point, that we use everything shortly and throw it away, therefore quality decreases. As quality decreases, production increases. As production increases, consumption increases. It is not the goods that won’t be enough for us, it is the resources that we consumed to produce those goods; food, water and others. Investing in these instead of goods makes me feel better, satisfied.

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