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N: Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

Nur: Is there a memory or an action that you have lived, that is the best example of you living the state of humanity most beautifuly?

N: I’d like to answer with my work. The reason that acting was charming to me was because it moved me away from myself. Now it brings me closer to myself. While playing a character I discover so many different feelings and find myself in so many different moments that I couldn’t have lived, or have ever lived, while being Neslihan. There’s no way that I could be curious about that feeling again. Because I’ve already felt that moment. I don’t prefer to play, I prefer to live it thoroughly in me and it helps in getting to know myself and getting to know people. I can’t say I’m a good person as Neslihan. I am a person who acts for good. I don’t care about the result of my action for good. Because my action is good, my intention is good.

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