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He was in a good relation with books even at a young age. He was glued to them. He was filling the loneliness that time bought him with books.


During the summer break, Sabahattin Ali had barely reached Istanbul following the completion of his first duty in Yozgat when he heard that students were being sent to Germany; he immediately applied for it.In Germany where he went without speaking the language, he stayed only one and a half years. When he returned, he was a master in German language. He had an irresistable hunger for reading and living a true life. Due to his strong bond with life, he squeezed two lifetimes into his young age. He returned from Germany with crates full of books. Alongside the important pieces of world literature, he also added political pieces into his repertoire. With this fresh treasure, he started teaching again when he returned to his country. He was inducted to Aydin High School as a German teacher and was arrested there for the first time.


With his genius, knowledge, intelligence; Sabahattin Ali was a fun, good-hearted, smiling young man, pushing the boundaries of the young republic. The responsibility that he felt towards his family at his young age, he was now feeling it towards his country. He knew very well at what prices and how the young republic was found, and the road that was necessary to take it forward. He was filled up with reading, couldn’t strain at the leash now and was wanting to gush out. He started establishing his first respectable written works during these times. He started reflecting his mastery of letters to stories and poems. And finally, at his uncle’s house where he went for a visit, he came across the love of his life, Ms Aliye. Even though he couldn’t see Ms Aliye for a long time after their first meeting, he didn’t give up on her. He got married to Ms Aliye with a simple ceremony, whom he got engaged with through a letter. 

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