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“everybody’s putting boundaries in front of themselves”

N: People have a problem with action. Everybody’s putting boundaries in front of themselves or being told that they can’t do it. Actually, the valuable thing is the effort, taking action. 

S: I had the energy to do so many things. I think that innately we have it in our core,  but it’s buffeted. Even though we don’t want it, it’s being buffeted among our family, our social environment. If everybody believed in how amazing we are, how much tremendous things we can do, our path would be clearer. I create things, get likes, get well-dones but this is not exclusive to me. We are amazing, we all share the same richness at the core, however, “you can’t do it” is said. If we work against the “despites”, the courage of our capabilities will come out gradually. That’s why the structure of society and family is so important. I care about people being one another’s encourager.

“being human is creating the state of asking too many questions to yourself”

N: When inspiration comes, “love” arises. While you have performed your art, you have made a difficult choice. In the technic sense, you have a tremendous talent. Do you sculpt in the state of inspiration or in the hopes of delivering a message? 

S: In every sculpture, I express myself, my own confined spaces, my timidities, whatever belongs to me that is covered up, unseen moments... What a strange thing it is to be. We are born into this world somehow. If everybody could ask themselves “who am I?”... Being human is creating the state of asking too many questions to yourself. It's not lived for nothing. You question yourself “what’s my purpose?” At least I ask myself “what am I useful for, what can I do?” That’s why sculpture is a branch that I hang on to.

If we begin with inspiration, inspiration is a very true thing. When inspiration comes, you need to be ready for it. When you have no interest in inspiration, there’s no such thing as “inspiration came”.  You need to be in the state of inspiration, you need to wait for inspiration. Just like love. It’s important to be ready inside. Actually you collect all the inspiration. Today for example, you came. We spoke. I got a lot of inspiration from you. If you have something in your pocket, you’ll give it. I’m also a kind of person who likes collecting. If we collect a lot in our memory, then we can connect the dots in the future.” Memory is so important. I never give up searching, learning, connecting. And I can never say “it’s done”. There’s absolutely one more thing that I didn’t do. Maybe I’ll get nowhere in the end, I know but that’s fine. We are on this road trying to understand.

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